Sunday, December 16, 2018

Verification about Eagles and College Acceptance

Verification about Eagles and College Acceptance 

Scouting Magazine has a nice example from the University of Oklahoma

Click here for an article in Scouting Magazine that starts out with, "Read what one major university said about Scouting in an acceptance letter."

You can read for yourself the acceptance letter sent by the University of Oklahoma to an Eagle Scout named Andrew. Look for this quote: "While reading your application, we noticed you are an Eagle Scout. Congrats on that achievement! Your commitment and perseverance are to be commended."

As the article pointed out, "Andrew was [not] accepted solely because he’s an Eagle Scout. His academic record, test scores and involvement in other extracurriculars were big factors, too."

Over 100 people responded to the magazine article, typically telling of a similar experience with college applications or with job interviews. More interesting were comments from people actually involved in the acceptance process. One said, "I can faithfully report that the achievement of the rank of Eagle is always mentioned when we discuss applicants."

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