Friday, December 14, 2018

Girls in "Scouts BSA" are not "Girl Scouts"

Please remember: Girls in "Scouts BSA" are not "Girl Scouts"

The Girl Scout organization is upset, and the Boy Scout organization is asking us to respond with courtesy and respect.

The Girl Scout organization, "Girl Scouts of the USA," (GSUSA) filed a lawsuit in November that accused the Boy Scouts of trademark infringement. Click here for an article posted by Fortune Magazine that gives details.

While the lawyers gear up for battle, the Boy Scout organization published a flyer with advice to Boy Scout leaders to prevent things from getting worse. Click here to see the flyer. Here's a sampling of the advice:

  • We agree that Girl Scouts are good. A girl should choose the program that works best for her.
  • Watch your syntax. Don't say "Girl" followed by "Scout." Our program is called "Scouts BSA."
  • Don't try to compare the Boy Scout program to the Girl Scout program.
  • "A Scout is Courteous. The Boy Scouts of America applauds the work of the GSUSA in service to our nation's youth and is committed to respecting  the organization's rights and programs."

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