Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Three Rivers Events During January 2019

Three Rivers Events During January 2019

Jan 3 - TRD District Committee Meeting
Jan 8 - TRD Roundtable
Jan 8 - TRD Unit Commissioners Meeting
Jan 15 - TRD Assistant District Commissioners
Jan 19 - TRD Tiger Tumble
Jan 26 - TRD Klondike Derby

Training Sessions During January 2019
Jan 19 - New Leader Skills Training
Jan 22 - Merit Badge Counselor Training

Other Council-Approved Events in January 2019
Jan 6 - Order of the Arrow Lodge IX Banquet
Jan 8 - All TRD Units Recharter Turn-In Day
Jan 8 - Order of the Arrow Three Rivers Chapter Meeting
Jan 13 - Wood Badge Critter Breakfast/Dining Out
Jan 21 - Mad Science NOVA for Shoot (Scouts and Venturers)
Jan 31 - All TRD Units Recharter Deadline

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Verification about Eagles and College Acceptance

Verification about Eagles and College Acceptance 

Scouting Magazine has a nice example from the University of Oklahoma

Click here for an article in Scouting Magazine that starts out with, "Read what one major university said about Scouting in an acceptance letter."

You can read for yourself the acceptance letter sent by the University of Oklahoma to an Eagle Scout named Andrew. Look for this quote: "While reading your application, we noticed you are an Eagle Scout. Congrats on that achievement! Your commitment and perseverance are to be commended."

As the article pointed out, "Andrew was [not] accepted solely because he’s an Eagle Scout. His academic record, test scores and involvement in other extracurriculars were big factors, too."

Over 100 people responded to the magazine article, typically telling of a similar experience with college applications or with job interviews. More interesting were comments from people actually involved in the acceptance process. One said, "I can faithfully report that the achievement of the rank of Eagle is always mentioned when we discuss applicants."

Friday, December 14, 2018

Neil Armstrong in the Movies and Scouts

Neil Armstrong in the Movies and in the Scouts

Scouting Magazine takes a look.

Just prior to the October release of "First Man," the story of Neil Armstrong preparing for his historic flight to the moon, Scouting Magazine ran a story called "10 Scouting facts you probably didn’t know about Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong." Click here for details.

As the article points out, the "Space Exploration" merit badge didn't exist when Armstrong was a youth, so that was not one of the 26 that he earned on his way to Eagle.

Girls in "Scouts BSA" are not "Girl Scouts"

Please remember: Girls in "Scouts BSA" are not "Girl Scouts"

The Girl Scout organization is upset, and the Boy Scout organization is asking us to respond with courtesy and respect.

The Girl Scout organization, "Girl Scouts of the USA," (GSUSA) filed a lawsuit in November that accused the Boy Scouts of trademark infringement. Click here for an article posted by Fortune Magazine that gives details.

While the lawyers gear up for battle, the Boy Scout organization published a flyer with advice to Boy Scout leaders to prevent things from getting worse. Click here to see the flyer. Here's a sampling of the advice:

  • We agree that Girl Scouts are good. A girl should choose the program that works best for her.
  • Watch your syntax. Don't say "Girl" followed by "Scout." Our program is called "Scouts BSA."
  • Don't try to compare the Boy Scout program to the Girl Scout program.
  • "A Scout is Courteous. The Boy Scouts of America applauds the work of the GSUSA in service to our nation's youth and is committed to respecting  the organization's rights and programs."

Scoutbook for Tracking Advancement - Free on Jan 1

Scoutbook for Tracking Advancement - Free on Jan 1

Here is a recent posting about Scoutbook

Starting January 1, 2019, Scoutbook subscriptions will be free to all BSA units! Scoutbook is an online unit management tool that ensures that you never miss a Scouting moment-from tracking advancements to milestone achievements along the Scouting adventure. When councils with Scoutbook accounts for their units need to renew these unit subscriptions this fall, they will not pay any renewal fees effective September 1, 2018. For units currently without a Scoutbook account, they can begin their free Scoutbook unit subscription on January 1, 2019. Learn more here.

Here is a reprint that was posted on this blog last February

Upcoming Change to Advancement Tracking

Since 2006, Troops and Packs have posted their advancement information by way of the Scoutnet Internet Advancement website. That will change soon in 2018, when units will instead create an account with "Scoutbook Lite" and post advancement information into that site. Click here for an article in Scouting Magazine that gives more details.

The Scoutbook app was created in 2013 by Shawn Jackson, himself a unit leader. He got lots of good reviews on his Facebook page from early adapters, which encouraged him to keep adding new features. Meanwhile there were plenty of other software packages out there, most notably TroopMaster and PackMaster and Troopkit.

Everything changed in 2015, when BSA National acquired Scoutbook, and everything changed a second time just now, where all units will soon be using "Scoutbook Lite" instead of Internet Advancement. This is surely bad news for all those other packages. Most likely existing units will continue to use TroopMaster, etc., because they're used to it, but expect new units to start off with Scoutbook.

So how good is Scoutbook? Scouting Magazine called it "awesome." Click here to access a promotion video with Scout leaders praising its advancement tracking, which is not just "complete/not complete", but also tracks each advancement requirement separately. The snapshot above shows how one Scout is progressing with his Climbing merit badge. The promo video shows how a Den Leader can use his/her smartphone to log in and record belt loop requirements while they're still fresh in his/her mind. The promo video also shows kids accessing the site to see their own status and then responding by posting, "I just completed another requirement on my own. Here's proof."

Spiderman Tickets for Popcorn $1,000 Sellers

Spiderman Tickets for Popcorn $1,000 Sellers

Each top seller received two tickets for the December 16 9:00 AM showing.
Closter Pack 20 has 10 Cubs in the club!

Other Three Rivers Cub packs and Scout troops:

Pack 18 Hoboken Pack 223 Weehawken Troop 53 Fairlawn
Pack 20 Closter Pack 245 Paramus Troop 60 Fairlawn
Pack 25 Tenafly Pack 305 Kearny Troop 205 Paramus
Pack 45 Fairlawn Pack 331 Hillsdale Troop 222 Secaucus
Pack 86 Tenafly Pack 335 River Vale Troop 1345 Dumont
Pack 87 Secaucus Pack 336 Montvale

Pack 95 River Edge Pack 1199 Maywood
Pack 120 Norwood Pack 3096 -o-

Pack 136 -o-

Friday, December 7, 2018

Three Rivers Events During December 2018

Three Rivers Events During December 2018

Dec 4 - TRD Unit Commissioners Meeting
Dec 6 - TRD District Committee Meeting
Dec 11 - TRD Roundtable
Dec 18 - TRD Assistant District Commissioners
Dec 27 - TRD Bowl-a-Thon

Training Sessions During December 2018
Dec 1 - Training Fundamentals and Trainer's EDGE Course
Dec 8 - Chartered Organization Representative Training
Dec 8 - Merit Badge Counselor Training
Dec 18 - Merit Badge Counselor Training

Other Council-Approved Events in December 2018
Dec 4 - Friends of Camp Turrell Annual Meeting
Dec 13 - Friends of Scouting 2019 Kickoff
Dec 15 -Scout Day at Seton Hall University (vs. Rutgers)
Dec 11 - Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting
Dec 15 - Order of the Arrow Rock Climbing Event