Sunday, December 1, 2019

District Tiger Tumble (Jan 18)

Three Rivers District presents the 16th annual Tiger Tumble

Come join the Three Rivers District for a morning filled with lots of family fun and laughs.

• The Tiger Tumble is for Tiger Cub Scouts (1st Grade). Lions also welcome.
• The program is designed to give the Tigers and their adult partners a fun introduction to the Scouting program.
• Every Tiger Cub participating will receive a commemorative patch.
• Tiger Cubs must be accompanied by their adult partner to participate.
• Tigers should wear their Scout Uniform.
• Sneakers are required for everyone entering the gym.

WHERE: Palisades Park Jr.-Sr. High School
WHEN: Saturday, January 18, 2020
TIME: 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
 $5.00 per Tiger Cub (on or before Dec. 31st)
 $10.00 (after December 31st)
 $15.00 (at Door)

For additional information:
Mark Wrightington: 201-944-9191
Jessica Fajardo: 201-677-1000 x37

Three Rivers Events During December 2019

Three Rivers Events During December 2019

Dec 5 - TRD District Committee
Dec 10 - TRD Roundtable
Dec 26 - TRD Bowl-a-Thon

Training Sessions During December 2019
Dec 7 - Fundamentals of Training/EDGE
Dec 14 - Training for Chartered Organization Reps

Other Council-Approved Events in December 2019
Dec 2 - OA Lodge Executive Committee Meeting
Dec 4 - Eagle Alumni Gathering
Dec 6 - Scout Night at NJ Devils Hockey
Dec 22 - OA Movie Night - Star Wars

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

BSA National Has Lots of Resources

BSA National Has Lots of Resources

A recent posting in Scouting Magazine was a reminder that BSA National has lots of resources that Scout and Cub adult leaders can draw on. There's useful information both for new and for veteran leaders.

As an example, Scout and Cub rank requirements change, sometimes as tweaks, but sometimes as complete rewrites. Clearly, you have to stay abreast of such changes. The magazine article recommended two sites:

The first is the Program Resources page. Think of it as your quick-start guide to Scouts BSA. Here, you’ll find a collection of links for starting a Scouts BSA troop, helping Scouts earn merit badges, guiding youth leaders toward more effective troop meetings and more.

The second is the Program Updates page. This one’s for both newcomers and veterans, and it’s where the National Scouts BSA Committee posts the latest information on any changes to the program. If there’s a new program initiative, updated requirement or any change to Scouts BSA printed material, you’ll find it there first.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Kind of Welcome Wagon for New Cub Families

A Kind of Welcome Wagon for New Cub Families

Taking a cue from how a family moving into a new neighborhood might be greeted with a "Welcome Wagon" basket of gifts, a Cub Pack in Michigan gifts each new Cub family a white paper sack with some useful outdoor stuff plus some trail mix.

The sack also contain some information for the parents, but just a bit. As described in a recent issue of Scouting Magazine (click here), "Few families have time to read a thick packet of information — at least not right after joining your pack. But they will appreciate information that’s succinct, timely and relevant."

The article was based on a tip to Scouting Magazine from Cub Pack 3685 in Farwell, Michigan.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Three Rivers Events During November 2019

Three Rivers Events During November 2019

Nov 7 - TRD District Committee
Nov 12 - TRD District Annual Meeting
Nov 20 - Troop 302 First Aid Rally
Nov 23 - TRD Merit Badge Fair
Nov 26 - TRD Unit Commissioners Meeting

Training Sessions During November 2019
Nov 2 - Council Pow Wow
Nov 9 - Den Chief Training
Nov 18 - Fundamentals of Training/EDGE

Other Council-Approved Events in November 2019
Nov 2 - Popcorn Take-Order Orders Due
  [not posted]
Nov 4 - OA Lodge Exectutive Committee Meeting
11/14+15+16 Popcorn Take-Order Orders Pickup
  [not posted]
Nov 17 - Scout Day at Gravity Vault
Nov 20 - Scout Day at Indoor Sky Diving
Nov 20 - Aviation Explorer Post 747 Meeting
  Dennis Ng
Nov 24 - James E. West Fellows Thank-You

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Three Rivers Events During October 2019

Three Rivers Events During October 2019
Oct 10 - TRD District Roundtable

Training Sessions During October 2019
Oct 4-6 - Outdoor Skills Weekend
Oct 12 - Scoutmaster/Asst Specific Leader Training
Oct 14 - Cub Leader-Specific Training
Oct 29 - Friends of Scouting (FOS) Presenter Training

Other Council-Approved Events in October 2019
Oct 2 - Eagle Scout Alumni Gathering in Montclair
Oct 4 - Sporting Clays Tournament in Millbrook`
Oct 4-6 - Fright Night At Camp Turrell
Oct 5-6 - Cub Family Weekend at Camp Lewis
Oct 7 - OA Lodge Executive Committee Meeting
Oct 16 - Metro Life Good Scout Award Reception in Newark
Oct 19 - Completing Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge Partials
Oct 19 - Scout Night at New Jersey Devils Hockey
  Contact: Tyrone Manning at the NNJC Council office
Oct 26-27 - Howl-o-Ween at Camp Lewis
Oct 27 - Glen Gray Homecoming and Hall of Fame

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

2019 Popcorn Sale Dates

2019 Popcorn Sale Dates

August 10Show and Sell #1 Orders Due
August 22Take Order Sale Begins
August 22-24Show and Sell #1 Pickup
September14Show and Sell #2 Orders Due
September 26-28Show and Sell #2 Pickup
November 2Take-Order orders due
November 2Show-n-Sell excess return
November 14-16Take-Order Pick Up - ALL FINAL PAYMENTS DUE
December 15Party for $2,000 sellers at Urban Air Trampoline
December 22Movie - "Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker" at Garden State AMC