Tuesday, September 3, 2019

2019 Popcorn Sale Dates

2019 Popcorn Sale Dates

August 10Show and Sell #1 Orders Due
August 22Take Order Sale Begins
August 22-24Show and Sell #1 Pickup
September14Show and Sell #2 Orders Due
September 26-28Show and Sell #2 Pickup
November 2Take-Order orders due
November 2Show-n-Sell excess return
November 14-16Take-Order Pick Up - ALL FINAL PAYMENTS DUE
December 15Party for $2,000 sellers at Urban Air Trampoline
December 22Movie - "Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker" at Garden State AMC

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Three Rivers Events During September 2019

Three Rivers Events During September 2019
Sep 3 - TRD Unit Commissioners Meeting
Sep 5 - TRD District Committee Meeting
Sep 10 - TRD District Roundtable
Sep 17 - TRD Assistant District Commissioners Meeting
Sep 21 - TRD Pirate Quest
Sep 24 - TRD Golf Classic

Training Sessions During September 2019
Sep 13-15 - Wood Badge Weekend
Sep 21 - Den Chief Training
Sep 21 - Scoutmaster and Assistant Leader Training
Sep 21 - Cub Leader-Specific Training

Other Council-Approved Events in September 2019
Sep 9-10 - Shotgun and Pistol Shooting Course
Sep 14 - Popcorn - Show-n-Sell Orders Due
  [not posted]
Sep 20-22 - OA Induction Weekend
Sep 21 - Friends of Camp Turrell Recognition Dinner
Sep 27-29 - Floodwood Fall Weekend
  http://www.nnjbsa.org/registration/calendardetail.aspx?activitykey=2371548&orgkey=453 Sep 26-28 - Popcorn - Show-n-Sell Order Pickup
  [not posted]

Friday, August 23, 2019

Camp Turrell Award for Nick Ligosh

Camp Turrell Award for Nick Ligosh

The Friends of Camp Turrell recently awarded its Trip McMillan Staff Excellence Award to Nick Ligosh. Nick wore several hats at camp: Camp Commissioner, Dining Hall Steward, and Merit Badge Counselor for Public Speaking. He also conducted each Friday evening's "Scouts Own Service" at the camp's chapel followed by each Friday night's closing campfire at the Council Ring.

Nick's unique voice was familiar to every camper, since they heard him frequently at meals, directing food service and wait duty. Soon campers took to cheering Nick at every opportunity, and many tried to mimic his call for "Waiters!" Click below If you would like to try your own hand at mimicry.

In the photo are Kaleb Alekel, Geoff Garlick, Nick, and Camp Director Troy Knudsen.

Cake Frosting and Trademarks

Cake Frosting and Trademarks

Some bakeries will balk at frosting a cake with an image containing a trademarked logo. Not just Scouting, but also major league baseball teams, Marvel characters, Coca-Cola, etc.

BSA National is willing to provide your bakery with a pre-printed release form. There's no charge, but be sure to get it done in advance -- plan on a few days turnaround.

You'll find details in an article published last May in Scouting Magazine. Click here for the online version.

Dutch Scouts Dropped into the Middle of the Woods

Dutch Scouts Dropped into the Middle of the Woods

"Getting 'dropped' in the forest is a beloved scouting tradition," wrote Ellen Barry in an article for the NY Times. She tagged along with three Dutch Scouts who were "dropped" into the middle of the woods at 10:00 PM a long way from their summer camp and challenged to find their way back. They were given a "primitive GPS" device but little else.

Barry wrote, "This is the Dutch scouting tradition known as a 'dropping,' in which groups of children, generally pre-teenagers, are deposited in a forest and expected to find their way back to base. It is meant to be challenging, and they often stagger in at 2 or 3 in the morning."

Addressing her readers, Barry said, "If this sounds a little crazy to you, it is because you are not Dutch." She might have also predicted this reaction from American Scout leaders, "What a cool idea! But getting approval to doing it here? Fuhgeddaboudit!"

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Three Rivers Events During June 2019

Three Rivers Events During June 2019

Jun 4 - TRD Unit Commissioners Meeting
Jun 6 - TRD District Committee Meeting
Jun 15 - TRD Fishing Derby

Training Sessions During June 2019
Jun 1 - Merit Badge Counselor Training
Jun 18 - Popcorn Unit Leader Training Session
Jun 22 - Scoutmaster and Assistant Leader Training

Other Council-Approved Events in June 2019
May 31-Jun 2 - OA Induction Weekend
Jun 1 - Scout Night and Sleepover with the Rockland Boulders
Jun 3 - Champions Golf Classic to Support Special Needs
Jun 3 - Champions Golf Classic to Support Special Needs
Jun 6 - Lenape Trail Wine Tasting Fund Raiser
Jun 8 - Beaver Day at Camp Yaw Paw
Jun 8 - Scout Night at Monster Jam
  Tyrone Manning at the Council office
Jun 8-9 - NNJC Cub Family Weekend
Jun 11 - NNJC Program Launch
Jun 15 - Beaver Day at Camp Turrell
  Bruce Bobrowski 845-754-7111
Jun 8 - Beaver Day at Camp Lewis
Jun 24 - Leader's Meeting for No-Be-Bo-Sco
Jun 28-30 - Beaver Day at Floodwood

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Recommended Reading from Bloomberg Businessweek

Recommended Reading from Bloomberg Businessweek

An overview of the Boy Scout and Girl Scout organizations, past and present.

"Boy Scouts Are Just Scouts Now, and That's Making Girl Scouts Mad" is the title of an article that appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek on April 17, 2019 by Claire Suddath. Click here.

This is a terrific article! It's an overview of the Scouting program that includes some of the 100+ year-old history, a look at controversies, and a look at ongoing problems and proposed solutions. There's some Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) history too, along with a "compare and contrast." Because the article appeared in Businessweek, there's also discussion about how Scouting BSA and how GSUSA finance themselves and about current Scouting BSA financial worries.

In spite of the article's title about how dropping "Boy" from "Boy Scouts" is "... Making Girl Scouts Mad," that is mostly downplayed. In fact Suddath dismisses that particular controversy with, "Two of America's most benign charitable organizations fighting over the right to call young girls “scouts” feels a bit like the Humane Society and ASPCA arguing about who can best care for kittens." Instead, Suddath says that the real concern "is a much more fundamental argument about the best way to advance women's equality." GSUSA says that this is what girls need and that GSUSA knows how to do it best.

Most disheartening for both organizations is a chart showing membership climbing steadily through 1973, and then declining quickly to less than half.

Included in Suddath's article is her interview with Chief Scout Exec Michael Surbaugh in order to get his take on declining membership and other problems. Suddath also tells how she interviewed Scoutmasters, parents, and youth, and said, "I realized: The only people upset by BSA's new policy seemed to be adults. I talked to dozens of kids for this article, and every one of them said they liked the idea of girls in Scouts."