Monday, February 19, 2018

Advice: Webelos to Boy Scouts

Advice: Webelos to Boy Scouts

It's time! BSA recommends that Cub packs should bridge their 5th grader Arrow of Light den into a Boy Scout troop in early spring. This gives them a chance to get to know the Scouts they'll be attending summer camp with. In addition, a smart Scout troop will schedule a tent camping trip just as soon as weather permits in order to get their newest boys enthused about camping.

A problem: BSA is concerned about the large number of Cubs who graduate from the pack but never make the transition to become Boy Scouts: "Don't let them miss out on the fun, adventure, and personal growth yet to come."

Advice: Successful transitions call for a partnership between the Cubmaster and the Scoutmaster -- both have to take steps to convince the Cub that the Boy Scout program is really cool, and in fact way better than Cub Scouts.

Click here for nine suggestions for what a Cubmaster can do.
Click here for nine suggestions for what a Scoutmaster can do.

Here's a suggestion: There's some special pack activity, and the Scoutmaster and some junior leaders were invited to attend. The Scoutmaster says to the Arrow of Light Cubs, "You guys are practically Boy Scouts already. Come over here and stand/sit with us."

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