Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Registration Fees - Save this Chart

Effective December 1, 2017

Click here for a chart showing how much to charge a new Scout or Cub (or adult) recruit when he signs up.

The fee for a full 12 months is $42 (plus an optional $12 for Boys' Life = $54). The chart shows how to pro-rate the fee, so you should charge less for a Scout who signs up in the middle of the year.

Example: Most Three Rivers District units recharter in January, which means that your fiscal year starts in February and ends in January. Thus anyone you recruit in January or February pays the full amount. A March recruit pays for 11 months, April pays for 10, etc. When you recruit in September, charge for 5 months: Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan.

Note how the chart is titled "Registration and Insurance." That's because of the high insurance rates in New Jersey. Other Scout councils in other states likely charge just $33 (= $2.75 per month), but NNJC had to impose a $9 surcharge to cover our high premiums.

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