Monday, August 7, 2017

2017 Popcorn Sale: Dates

2017 Popcorn Sale: Dates

Aug 1 or Aug 10: Required popcorn training: Register
Aug 12: Show-n-Sell #1 orders due
Aug 24-26: Show-n-Sell #1 pickup
Sep  9: Show-n-Sell #2 orders due
Sep 21-23: Show-n-Sell #2 pickup
Oct 28: Show-n-Sell returns due
Oct 28: Take-order orders due
Nov 9-11: Take-order pickup
Nov 11: Prize orders due
Dec  2: Absolute last date for prize orders
Dec 17: $1,000 sellers invited to view Star Wars VIII
Jan 6: Top 100 sellers party.
Link for popcorn orders and prize orders:

Two Ways to Sell Popcorn

•    Estimate what you think you can sell this way.
•    Place an order online, either or both Aug 12 and/or Sep 9.
•    Pick up that order (without paying for it) on Aug 24-26 and/or Sep 21-23.
•    Spend the next month selling at a table you've set up, door-to-door, or at parents' workplaces.
•    Turn in money and leftover product on Oct 28.

Take Order:
•    Sale starts on Aug 10
•    Scouts go door-to-door with an order form and ask people to support the Boy Scouts by buying popcorn. They pay for it on the spot but get no popcorn yet. The Scout takes the money and writes pertinent information on his order form.
•    On Oct 28 the unit popcorn coordinator uses the online system to enter all the orders.
•    On Nov 9 or 10 or 11 you drive to a warehouse and pick up all the popcorn that was ordered and then distribute it to the customers. 

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