Sunday, February 19, 2017

Website for New Scoutmasters and ASMs

New Scoutmasters and ASMs

BSA National created a website that brand new Scoutmasters and Assistants will find useful:

It's a one-page portal that has links to 16 different resources. A recent article in Scouting Magazine checked it out and selected 7 they thought were most useful:

1. Troop meeting agendas (A paper planning sheet plus videos from actual troop meetings.)

2. Program features (48 ideas for troop meetings, many accompanied by videos.)

3. Program resources YES!!! (Making meetings fun with lots of ideas for cool games and challenges. Plus some other stuff.)

4. Planning tips (Encourage the junior leaders to work out plans for the year and for each month.)

5. Training advice (List of sessions available for adults and another list for youths.)

6. Outings ideas (Links to the four Scout high adventure camps, plus lots of advice and guidance.)

7. General troop information (This site covers a lot of the tips and advice that you will also get from one of  our local live Scoutmaster/Assistant training sessions.)

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