Friday, November 25, 2016

Troop 302 First Aid Rally (Nov 16)

Troop 302 First Aid Rally - Results

 Five patrols went to Kearny, NJ to compete in the annual Troop 302 First Aid Rally, run for Three Rivers District Scout troops.

This was 302's 59th annual First Aid Rally, starting from when they were Troop 2, and continuing through various councils and districts and mergers and consolidations.

Competing were (in order)
Troop 146 "Rolling Stones" (Hoboken)
Troop 223 (Weehawken)
Troop 379 "Ditto" (Palisades Park)
Troop 302 "Ice Owls" (Kearny)
Troop 379 "Killer Bees" (Palisades Park)

There were three scenarios:
  1. Scouts were fooling around the evening campfire, and one tripped over some gear and fell into the fire ring. Lots of burns, lots of cuts, plus some ashes and dirt got into his eyes!
  2. There's a patrol day hike up a steep muddy trail with a scream from another hiker way up ahead. He slipped and fell down a steep and rocky incline. There's broken bones and cuts, with one really serious cut on a knee. We'll also need a stretcher to carry him back to the trailhead.
  3. This patrol hike went through an abandoned pasture, with one Scout stepping on a board with a protruding nail -- right through his boot sole and into his foot. He also cut his knee when he fell. Now what?!

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