Sunday, September 4, 2016

Improve Your Recruiting

Improve Your Recruiting

 A Scout Council in Florida saw an 18% increase after making six adjustments to their recruiting strategy. Click here to see their full posting on ScoutingWire, but here is a quick summary:

1. Focus on education, not selling.
Families who show up for an Open House are likely already sold, so spend time telling them what they don't know.

2. Eliminate the confusing jargon.
One example was to drop "round-up night" and instead use "sign-up night." Our Three Rivers District has already stopped using "units" and instead uses "Cub packs" and "Scout troops."

3. Consider leaving the uniform at home.
Cubs and leaders just wore golf shirts to their sign-up nights with name tags. Their experience was that uniforms created an "us-versus-them" mentality and unneeded barrier.

4. Get rid of the traditional "presentation" format.
Instead of stand-up speeches, create a set of stations where individuals give targeted talks and Q-and-A sessions.

5. Recruit leaders beforehand.
The North Florida Council stopped recruiting leaders at joining night events. They said that it made "a better experience for the boys."

6. Show them (not just tell them!) what Scouting is all about.
Good results came when sign-ups took place at a free shooting sports day event. Other suggestions were fishing, rockets, or STEM.

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