Friday, March 4, 2016

TRD M*A*S*H Camporee (Mar 11-13)

Three Rivers District Presents
The 2016 M*A*S*H Camporee

March 11-13, 2016
Camp Lewis
$10 per person
Click here for details and registration:

The blockbuster M*A*S*H TV series is the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind camporee. The TV series was about a "Mobile Army Surgical Hospital" during the Korean War, so expect a lot of first-aid related competition stations.

One episode in Season 5 was titled "Bug Out," and Scouts will have the opportunity to reenact it. In the TV episode, the North Korean forces are on the march, and the 4077th must bug out and move the entire camp, but a soldier who has just had serious spinal surgery cannot be moved. A few doctors stay behind as the rest of the camp tries to set up a new base.

Some details about the Saturday events:
1 - Five first aid related stops requiring knowledge of slings, head bandages, stretchers, and CPR.
2 - Triage course where Scouts must decide which victims should be treated first.
3 - Surgery operations where body parts will be donated to save victims.
4 - Signaling using Morse code with wig wag flags (Sorry, no cell phones allowed).
5 - BUG OUT! Backpacks on for a long march to a new site including crossing a mine field!

Ken Hesse 201-288-4113

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