Monday, February 29, 2016

Lots of Good Sources for Scouters

There are a bunch of great places to get Scout-related information and resources. A good place for Cub leaders to start is the "Cub Hub" blog:

And, very thoughtfully, last March Cub Hub listed 10 more Scouting blogs that they liked. Below is a list of their 10, but detailed descriptions of each can be found at:
  • Bryan on Scouting
  • Cub Scout Ideas
  • Brite Idea Scouting
  • Heads Up (from Boys' Life)
  • Book Zone (from Boys' Life)
  • Ask the Gear Guy (from Boy's Life)
  • Scouter Mom
  • Chief's Corner (Scout Exec Wayne Brock)
  • Scouting Newsroom Blog
  • Scouting Wire

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